28 Reasons Why "Eight Two"
  1. The wheel arrangement of steam locomotives.[0]
  2. 82 is the atomic number of lead.[1] Eight Two got lead poisoning as a child which is the most likely cause of his musical hallucinations. [2]
  3. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial ('82).[3]
  4. Audio CDs came out in October '82.[4]
  5. "Et tu, Brute?" betrayal by numbers, Eight Two has OCD about the numbers 8 and 2.[5]
  6. Étude: Eight Two's songs are difficult (études).[6] Alexander Scriabin, Étude Op. 8, No. 2. 
  7. Elephants: Over their lives elephants have 28 teeth. The oldest recorded elephant lived for 82 years.[7]
  8. In Italian "È tu" means it is you.[8]  Etu means advantage in Finnish. [22] 
  9. 82 are first two registration numbers of the L train, in Eight Two's neighborhood in Brooklyn, which started service in 1928.[9]
  10. There are 8.2 million people in NYC.[10]
  11. Average NYC temperature in the summer is 82° degrees: June (77°), July (83°), August (81°).[11]
  12. The road leading into the front door of The Met is east eighty second street.[12]
  13. Like E.T. Eight Two was an alien who landed in the US in '82. He is now a US citizen.[13]
  14. Started 82 paintings while sleeping though his first solo art gallery opening.[14] Lived in the gallery painting for 28 days. Finished 81 paintings, the music is the 82nd painting.
  15. Numerology: (Eternal Togetherness) Eight represents power and repetition and Two represents uniting to create a better world.[15]
  16. Messier 82 (starburst galaxy M 82).[16]
  17. At school he had the TI-82 calculator [17]
  18. E.T. phone home! Like E.T. Eight Two wants to use the phone to call home, instead he uses a phone vocal effect and misses his family terribly.
  19. The musical times of the day are from 8 AM to 2 PM and 8 PM to 2 AM.
  20. Eight Two was too modest for "He Got Wit".
  21. The movie Magnolia. [18]
  22. Our music defies reason so we chose a name that makes no sense. [19]
  23. 28 earth days is one day on the sun and the average human menstrual cycle.
  24. The song "Eight Two" by Eight Two is 8 minutes 2 seconds long. [20]
  25. The longest human life expectancy is 82 years in Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Israel. Life is a song, Eight Two likes long songs. [21]
  26. An octopus has eight tentacles and each tentacle has 200 suckers, that's a total of 1600 suckers.
  27. Was born on this day and arrived in New York at 8:02am Eastern Time.
  28. In the nineties, a Colombian wizard told Gerardo that he would die at age 82.